The Villages of Eden and Kelwood have municipal waterlines to the residences.  These are billed every three months.  The rates are display on the bills as well as the billing period.  To know if your bill has been read or estimated you will find either an “A” or “E” beside your consumption value.  “A” stands for Actual Read and “E” stands for Estimate.  A penalty of 1 1/4 % per month will be added on the first day of the each month for all unpaid water utilities.

Online banking is available. Please allow 3 business days for processing.  Ensure you are choosing RM of Rosedale when paying online and correctly choose utilities or taxes.  Visit your Financial Institution for help.

Cash, cheque, debit or e-transfer are accepted at the Municipal Office.  If mailing your payment, please allow sufficient time for postal delivery.  We DO NOT accept payment by Credit Card.

You are required to notify the Municipality when you are moving either in, or out of a residence, if the utilities are part of your responsibilities.

A current water project extended a waterline from the Town of Neepawa to Eden with hook-ups of some rural residences.

Please be aware that water meters in you house must be accessible to authorized employees at all times to be examined, read, inspected or, if necessary, repaired or replaced.  The meter shall not be enclosed and the area around should be kept free and clear of any obstructions.  They cannot be buried, blocked or damaged.  Water meters must be kept warm at all times.  If they freeze they will crack and explode, which you will be responsible for paying for a replacement and the clean up.  If a meter is damaged by frost, tampering, neglect or from any other cause, the replacement/repair of the meter and all other charges are the homeowners responsibility.

When buying a new house, please ensure the water meter is accessible, not damaged, or tampered with.  If problems arise, you as the new owner will be responsible for the replacement.

Municipal Wells

There are five coin operated untreated municipal wells.

Springhill Well – NW 34-15-16W (Road 93W & N90),  Elk Ranch – NE 11-17-16W

Birnie Well – SW 23-17-15W (Road 99N east of #5 Hwy),  Riding Mountain – NW 10-18-15W (Road 104N east of #5 Hwy.) and Kelwood West Well.