R. M. of Rosedale is comprised of six wards, each with its own elected representative. The Reeve is elected by the entire municipality.

The Council currently consists of the following representatives:

Reeve – Bill Martin

Ward One Councillor – Ernie Schure
Ward Two Councillor – Robert Scott
Ward Three Councillor – Steve Pegoski
Ward Four Councillor – Ron Kostenchuk
Ward Five Councillor – Michael Porrok
Ward Six Councillor – Duane Stewart
Council meetings are held the second Friday of each month beginning at 10 a.m. in the Municipal Office.

Chief Administrative Officer – Kara Sylvester

R. M. of Rosedale belongs to:

The Neepawa & Area Planning District
The Neepawa & Area Veterinary District
The Whitemud Conservation District
The Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District
The Turtle River Conservation District
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Ownership maps are available at the Office in colour and black and white.  Updates are done annually.  If you are a resident of the municipality and would like your name removed from the map, a letter requesting removal must be submitted to the office.  However, all information in our office is open to the public and buyers of the map are still able to look up the landowners name from the tax assessment roll..

RM map

Municipal map (pdf)