September 12, 2014 Council minutes

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September 12, 2014

Minutes of the regular Meeting of Council of the Rural Municipality of Rosedale held on the above date in the Municipal Office, Neepawa, with the following members present: Reeve Ed Levandoski, Councillors Stacy Ellis, Ward 1, Robert Scott – Ward 2, Steve Pegoski – Ward 3, Ron Kostenchuk – Ward 4, Michael Porrok – Ward 5, Barry Kohinski – Ward 6

14/155      Kostenchuk – Kohinski

That this regular meeting of Council convene at 10:00 a.m. with Reeve Ed Levandoski as chairman.


14/156      Pegoski – Kostenchuk

That the minutes of the regular meeting held August 8, 2014 and the special meeting August 14, 2014 and September 5, 2014 be adopted as circulated.


14/157      Scott – Porrok

That the Council approve the accounts for the month and amounts as follows:

General           Water

August 2014                 $242,590.33        $1,316.15


14/158      Porrok – Kostenchuk

That we authorize the CAO to attend the MMAA District on September 25, 2014 at MacGregor and that allowable expenses be paid.

14/159      Kohinski – Pegoski

That we agree to pay Whitemud Watershed their 2014 second half levy in the amount of $13,051.58.


14/160      Kostenchuk – Pegoski

That we grant the Polonia Community Club Incorp. $2000.00 for 2014 for renovations from War 4 VLT.


14/161      Scott – Kohinski

That we authorize Colleen McLaughlin to attend the MEBP Seminar to be held in Winnipeg on September 30, 2014 and that allowable expenses be paid.


14/162      Kohinski – Scott

That we agree to give Darlene McBurney an extension until October 31, 2014 to clean up the unsightly property on Lot 11, Block 1, Plan 545 (7 Neel St.) in the Village of Kelwood.


14/163      Kostenchuk – Pegoski

That we agree to hire Glen Ursel as a Seasonal Heavy Equipment Operator as of September 12, 2014 and wages as per our Union Contract.


14/164      Scott – Ellis

That we agree to pay ½ of the Colleen McLaughlin share of the Health and Welfare Trust Fund.


14/165      Pegoski – Porrok

That we agree to grant the following from Ward 3;

Franklin Community Hall – $2500; Springhill Hall – $1000


14/166      Scott – Kohinski

That we agree to accept W & K Loewen’s tender in the amount of $131,980.00 plus applicable taxes to construct a fire hall at Eden.



Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation – Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin outlet channel open house meeting -copy

AMM – changes to the requirements for establishing reduced-speed school zones – copy

PMHA – August 2014 Report to Communities – copy

Precision Land Solutions – re: Drainage permit application for Herman Loeppky – copy

Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation – re: George Friesen

Ingrid Rothnie – re: new culvert on Rd 87 on the west side of Hwy 5 and instructed to have applications in by Sept 2/14

Neepawa & Area Planning District – minutes of Aug 20/14

Neepawa & District Medical Committee – minutes of June 19/14

MASC – 2014 School Tax Rebate – 80% of school tax paid on eligible farmland and capped at $5,000

AMM – August 2014 newsletter – copy

RCMP – July 2014 report – copy

Richard Knechtel (Rotary Club) – thank you for donation for Annual Rotary TV/Radio auction


– Darlene McBurney – order to clean up property

– Glen Ursel – re: employment

14/167      Kostenchuk – Scott

That we do now adjourn this regular meeting at 12:30 pm to meet again for our regular meeting on Friday October 10, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.


________________________                   ________________________

Municipal Administrator                       Reeve


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