March 14, 2014 Council minutes

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March 14, 2014

Minutes of the regular Meeting of Council of the Rural Municipality of Rosedale held on the above date in the Municipal Office, Neepawa, with the following members present: Reeve Ed Levandoski, Councillors Stacy Ellis, Ward 1, Robert Scott – Ward 2, Steve Pegoski – Ward 3,Ron Kostenchuk – Ward 4, Michael Porrok – Ward 5, Barry Kohinski – Ward 6

14/46        Pegoski – Kostenchuk

That this regular meeting of Council convene at 10:00 a.m. with Reeve Ed Levandoski as chairman.


14/47        Scott – Ellis

That the minutes of the regular meeting held February 7, 2014 and the minutes of the special meeting held February 25, 2014 be adopted as circulated.


14/48        Pegoski – Porrok

That we adopt the February 2014 financial statements.


14/49        Porrok – Pegoski

That the Council approve the accounts for the month and amounts as follows:

General           Water

February 2014              $119,699.85        $5,630.00


14/50        Kostenchuk – Kohinski

That we agree to pay the Little Saskatchewan River Watershed Conservation District the 2014 levy in the amount of $34.86.


14/51        Ellis – Porrok

That any member of Council and CAO be authorized to attend the 2014 Municipal Officials Seminar held in Brandon April 16 and 17, 2014 and that allowable expense be paid.


14/52        Kohinski – Porrok

That we agree to pay the Whitemud Watershed District 50 % of their 2014 levy in the amount of $13, 051.59.


14/53        Kohinski – Kostenchuk

That Whereas pursuant to Section 372 of the Municipal Act a municipality may set any terms or conditions for the sale of the property to be sold for taxes, and may set a reserve bid in the amount of the tax arrears and costs in respect of the property;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the Municipality place reserve bids on the properties in the amount of all arrears and costs in respect of each property, a condition on Roll 47500 that it be cleaned up to Councils satisfaction within 90 days of the tax sale and that the CAO be authorized to bid on the property.


14/54        Scott – Kohinski

That we the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale agree to adopt the 2013 Audited Financial Statements.


14/55        Scott – Porrok

That we the R. M. of Rosedale agree to grant the Beautiful Plains Community Medical Clinic $1,500 for 2013 and $1,500 for 2014 to be used for the purpose of physician recruitment.


14/56        Ellis – Scott

That we the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale agree to send a letter of reply to Howard Penno’s letter of February 13, 2014 as prepared by Reeve Ed Levandoski.


For: Levandoski, Scott, Ellis, Pegoski, Porrok

Against: Kohinski, Kostenchuk

14/57        Pegoski – Kostenchuk

That we the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale authorize Councillors to hire local contractors to help with the removal of snow from Municipal roads.


14/58        Pegoski – Ellis

That we the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale agree to grant the Neepawa & Area Palliative Care $500 for 2014.


14/59        Kohinski – Scott

That By-law 1-2014 being a by-law of the R. M. of Rosedale to adopt the 2014 Financial Plan be now read a first time.



Brad Ginter – RE: NE 1-19-15W –Would like clarification to the letter I sent him

Riding Mountain Liaison Committee – minutes of Feb 6/14

Toromont Cat – new facility in Brandon will open for business Monday, March 3/14

East Riding Mountain Experiential Tourism Training & Development Workshop – report – copy

Abe Neufeld – a bill for repairs to his car due to terrible road conditions

Nicole Nixon – letter – copy

AMM – news bulletin

Town of Neepawa – Re: PCH agreement – reductions of approx. 15% in taxes due to 2014 re-assessment

Rayner Jowett – Re: Snow removal Rd 92 – letter of concern – copy

Prairie Mountain Health Authority – February 2014 report – copy

Neepawa & Area Planning District – minutes of Feb 19/14

Darryl Day – interested in purchasing Lot 11, Block 2, Plan 418 Village of Kelwood

Daniel Walker – resume (Safety person)

Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District – minutes of Jan 8/14

AMM  – news bulletin – copy

The Manitoba Water Services Board – Re: Eden Treatment Water Supply Feasibility Study (proposed development involves the construction of a rural water pipeline to service the community of Eden and alternative options.

Howard Penno – re: snow trapping and cat work

Richard Beachey, CAO Town of Neepawa – re proposed waterline

Beautiful Plains Community Medical Clinic (Shannon Hockin) – re: 2013 & 2014 physician recruitment grant.

AMM – news bulletin – copy

NACTV – thank you for the grant for the Showcase

Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District – minutes of Feb 5/14

Cando Contracting – products available

Manitoba Good Roads – Compaction for the Construction and Longevity of Gravel Road Seminar

RCMP – report

Anthony J. Reid – Draft 2013 RM of Rosedale Consolidated Financial Statements


Ray Frey – Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve – copy (information)

14/60        Porrok – Kohinski

That we do now adjourn this regular meeting at 2:30 pm to meet again for our regular meeting on Friday, April 11, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.


________________________       ________________________

Municipal Administrator                       Reeve


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