October 10, 2014 Minutes

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October 10, 2014


Minutes of the regular Meeting of Council of the Rural Municipality of Rosedale held on the above date in the Municipal Office, Neepawa, with the following members present: Reeve Ed Levandoski, Councillors Stacy Ellis, Ward 1, Robert Scott – Ward 2, Steve Pegoski – Ward 3, Ron Kostenchuk – Ward 4, Michael Porrok – Ward 5, Barry Kohinski – Ward 6


14/174      Pegoski – Porrok

That this regular meeting of Council convene at 10:00 a.m. with Reeve Ed Levandoski as chairman.


14/175      Kostenchuk – Pegoski

That the minutes of the regular meeting held September 12th, 2014 and the special meeting September 18th and 26th, 2014 be adopted as circulated.


14/176      Kohinski – Kostenchuk

That the Council approve the accounts for the month and amounts as follows:

General           Water

September 2014          $154,255.26        $1,375.36


14/177      Kostenchuk – Kohinski

That we adopt the August and September 2014 financial statements.


14/178      Scott – Porrok

That the 2014 tax sale be held at 10:00 A. M. at the R. M. of Rosedale Council Chambers on March 2, 2015.


14/179      Kohinski – Scott

That we the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale accept the list of deletions to the tax roll as provided by the Municipal Assessment Branch.


14/180      Kostenchuk – Pegoski

That we the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale accept the list of additions with Section 326 of the Municipal Act and direct the C.A.O. to issue the necessary tax notices.


14/181      Scott – Kohinski

That we agree to increase our monetary support to 55 cents per capital for H.A.N.D. for 2015.


14/182      Porrok – Kohinski

That we the Council approve the proposed subdivision by Kristi Friesen on the NW 22-17-15 WPM providing the following condition is met:

  1. That a Conditional Use be granted allowing for the non-farm single family dwellings within the “AG-80” Zone.


14/183      Kohinski – Kostenchuk

That Whereas the R. M. of Rosedale has received the Traffic Stats from the RCMP for the check stop that was conducted at Riding Mountain in the 70 km Zone;

And Whereas during this check stop and at other times several speeding tickets have been written for usually 20+ km’s over;

Therefore Be It Resolved that the R. M. of Rosedale request Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation to erect the speed sign set up like the ones in Forrest which gives your speed when entering the 70 km Zone through the Village of Riding Mountain on Highway #5.


14/184      Scott – Kostenchuk

That we agree to sponsor the Royal Canadian Legion $295.00 for a ¼ page ad for 2015.


14/185      Porrok – Scott

That we agree to sponsor the Neepawa Natives Hockey Club for their 2014-15 season in the amount of $800.00 plus GST from VLT funding.

Ward 2, 5 and 6


14/186      Pegoski – Porrok

That By-law 2-2014 being a by-law of the R. M. of Rosedale to provide for Quarterly rates in the LID of Eden and Collection thereof be read a first time.


14/187      Kohinski – Scott

That we agree to grant the following from VLT funding

Riding Mountain Curling Rink – $1000; Riding Mountain Doers Hall – $1500;

Kelwood Ag Society – $400(Cattle Show); Kelwood Skating Rink – $1500(roof repairs); Ward 6

Kelwood Legion – $5000 (Ward 2 – 2000; Ward 5 – 1200; Ward 4 – 1000; Ward 1 – 500; Ward 3 – 300)


14/188      Scott – Porrok

That we agree to grant the following from VLT funding from Ward 2:

Eden Fire Dept. – $2000; Eden Playground Parent Council – $2000(playground project pea gravel); Eden Community Hall – $2000.



Community Planning – Terry Brown retired and Kevan Sumner will be the new Regional Manager

Neepawa Chamber of Commerce – newsletter – copy

Manitoba Good Roads Association – newsletter – copy

PCH – Sept 2014 newsletter – copy

Conservation and Water Stewardship – Water Rights License to Construct Drainage Works N of 3-19-15W & MIT conditions as well.

Kathy Jasienczyk – emails regarding Boundary Road – copy

Donna Newton, HAND –increase our monetary support to 55 cents per capita and Annual meeting will be held in January

Community Places – grants

Canada Post – re: Potential reductions to weekday business hours at the Franklin Post Office

Prairie Mountain Health – Annual meeting on Wed. Oct 15/14 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM in Brandon

Prairie Mountain Health – is seeking interested individuals to participate on the Local Health Involvement Group

Whitemud Watershed – minutes of August 21, 2014

Chamber of Commerce – Housing Committee April 24, 2014 minutes

NADCO – 2013 Audited Report

Conservation & Water Stewardship – RE: application for SW 19-15-15 & NW 16-15-15

NAPD – cc to Mary Smith re: unsightly/unsafe property

NAPD – minutes of September 17, 2014

Town of Neepawa – Community Clinic contribution – copy

Kelwood Legion – thank you for donation on behalf of Glen Burton

Kelwood Playground – would the RM consider paying the insurance

MWWA –Annual Conference & Trade Show

Operating Union Local 987 – unfair labour practice – copy

RCMP – Sept/14 report – copy

Minister of Municipal Government – Approval of Extension request

Meighen Haddad & Law Firm – cc: to Robert Smith & Sons re:  Boundary Road Quotation No. 01-14

Deputy Minister of Local Government – re: AMM convention

Municipal Planning – Friesen (PT. NW 22-17-15W) proposal to subdivide

Mark Morehouse – re: traffic through Riding Mountain 70 km zone

Recreation & Regional Services – Oct 2014 news letter

RCMP – Annual convention

Manitoba Agriculture – Hometown Manitoba grants

2015 Pre-Budget Consultations on Oct 23/14 in Brandon, MB

AMM – October 8th/14 news bulletin

NAPD – re: C-cans in Village of Birnie

Manitoba/Ontario Command Royal Canadian Legion – re: Military Service Recognition Book

Kaiten Critchlow, Neepawa Natives Marketing Manager – Sponsorship

Prairie Mountain Health – list of flu clinics

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman – cc to Meighen, Haddad LLP re: Robert Smith & Son Backhoe & Trucking Ltd and RM of Rosedale & RM of Langford Quotation No. 01-14

Discussion of Boundary Road – council in agreement with getting pit run tested by a lab and if suitable Council would accept quote as is from Rob Smith & Son Backhoe.

14/189      Kostenchuk – Pegoski

That we do now adjourn this regular meeting at 12:30 pm to meet again for our regular meeting on Friday, November 14, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.




________________________                   ________________________

Municipal Administrator                       Reeve


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