BY-LAW NO. 2-2013 Council appointments and remuneration

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BY-LAW NO. 2-2013

A By-Law of the Rural Municipality of Rosedale for the purpose of authorizing appointments and remuneration of the Municipal Officials.

WHEREAS it is deemed expedient and necessary to appoint officers for the Municipality of Rural Municipality of Rosedale.

NOW THEREFORE the Reeve and Councillors assembled in Council, enact as follows:

1. THAT each Councillor receive an indemnity of $450.00 per regular meeting together with mileage of $.45 per kilometer or $.72 per mile and that the Reeve shall receive an indemnity of $500.00 per regular meeting together with mileage of $.45 per kilometer or $.72 per mile.

A 1/3 of said indemnities, or other remuneration shall be deemed to be expenses incident to the discharge of duties of the Reeve and Council.

2. THAT each Councillor shall be a Commissioner in his own ward for the performing or the superintending of the Public Works within his own ward. Remuneration $12.00 per hour and mileage of $.45 per kilometer or $.72 per mile.


3. THAT the Rural Municipality of Rosedale’s regular Council meeting day be the second Friday in each month commencing at 10:00 am in the Rosedale Municipal Office, Neepawa, Manitoba.

4. THAT the organizational meeting of Council in any year shall be, for the purpose of this by-law, an additional regular meeting and the Reeve and Councillors shall be paid the same as they are paid for a regular meeting.


5. THAT an additional remuneration of a minimum of $45.for any special meeting attended and that any meeting attended for more than 4 ½ hours receive a rate of $12.00 per hour.


6. THAT each Councillor shall be Fire Guardian for his own ward and the Reeve shall be Chief Fire Guardian for all wards. Remuneration shall be for the Fire Guardian $12.00 per hour and $.45 per kilometer or $.72 per mile.


7. Taylor Law Office be retained as lawyer for the Municipality and be paid a retainer fee of $200.00 per year.

8. That By-Law 6-2012 be replealed as the date on which this By-law comes into effect.

DONE AND PASSED in Council assembled at the Municipal Office, Neepawa, Manitoba this 18th day of October, 2013.


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