August 8 2014 Council minutes

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August 8, 2014

Minutes of the regular Meeting of Council of the Rural Municipality of Rosedale held on the above date in the Municipal Office, Neepawa, with the following members present: Reeve Ed Levandoski, Councillors Stacy Ellis, Ward 1, Robert Scott – Ward 2, Steve Pegoski – Ward 3, Ron Kostenchuk – Ward 4, Michael Porrok – Ward 5, Barry Kohinski – Ward 6

14/134      Scott – Ellis

That this regular meeting of Council convene at 10:00 a.m. with Reeve Ed Levandoski as chairman.


14/135      Kohinski – Kostenchuk

That the minutes of the regular meeting held July 11, 2014 be adopted as circulated.


14/136      Pegoski – Kostenchuk

That we adopt the July 2014 financial statements.


14/137      Kohinski – Scott

That we agree to donate $600 to the Rotary Club for their TV Auction from VLT funding.


14/138      Pegoski – Porrok

That we agree to transfer $100,000 to our Machinery Replacement Reserve; $20,000 to our General Reserve and $20,000 to our Building Reserve as per our 2014 financial plan.


14/139      Pegoski – Porrok

That we authorize the CAO and Reeve to sign the Development Agreement between the R. M. of Rosedale and Allan and Janis Dutko.


14/140      Ellis – Porrok

That Whereas the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale approve the project to proceed with the construction of a rural pipeline connecting the R. M. of Rosedale to the Town of Neepawa Public Water System.

And Whereas Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Program would support up to 1/3 of the project costs, once approved;

Therefore Be It Resolved that the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale apply for assistance through the Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Program.


14/141      Kostenchuk – Pegoski

That the Council approve the accounts for the month and amounts as follows:

General           Water

July 2014                       $153,469.24        $1,359.40


14/142      Scott – Kohinski

That we do now adjourn this regular meeting at 10:10 A. M. to hold a public hearing regarding George and Rhonda Friesen on NE 33-17-15 WPM.


14/143      Porrok – Scott

That the Public Hearing be now open at 10:15 A. M. for George and Rhonda Friesen Conditional Use Hearing.


14/144      Kostenchuk – Kohinski

That the Public Hearing be now closed at 10:20 A. M. to reconvene for our regular meeting.


14/145      Porrok – Pegoski

That Whereas a hearing was held on Friday August 8th, 2014 to hear representation for or against the proposed Conditional Use Request by George & Rhonda Friesen NE 33-17-15WPM;

Whereas there was no representation for or against the proposed Conditional Use request.

Now therefore the Council of the Rural Municipality of Rosedale approve the Conditional Use Request to allow for the location of a nonfarm single family dwelling site within the “AG80” Agricultural General Zone providing the following conditions are met:

  1. a) any construction requires a development/building permit before work starts;
  2. b) the new site is to be serviced by a holding tank or an approved Manitoba Environment waste disposal system;
  3. c) that the existing infrastructure remain unchanged;
  4. d) that any new or improved access that is required to the property will be the responsibility and cost of the owner and is to be approved by the Municipality;
  5. e) that any survey monuments that are disturbed must be replaced in compliance with The Survey Act at the owner’s expense;
  6. f) the number of animal s at any given time on the parcel is restricted to 2 animal units;
  7. g) that any present or future owner be aware of the problem from Livestock (odours, noise, dust, etc. and future expansion) and further hold the Municipality blameless with respect to any Agricultural land that may be a nuisance to the landowner;
  8. h) if any conditions of the Conditional Use is not complied with, the Conditional Use may be revoked.


14/146      Kohinski – Scott

That we the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale authorize an extension of 90 days from August 8, 2014 to Darlene McBurney/Shiva Maharaj for constructing a fence on Lots 1 & 3, Plan 4655 being #2 Stewart Avenue, Village of Kelwood for the automobile wrecking establishment.

That fence constructed should be a minimum 6 feet high, chain link fence that is screened to Council’s approval.

This in extension to Variation/Conditional Order No. 2013-06-05.


14/147      Kohinski – Kostenchuk

That the Council of the R. M. of Rosedale approve of the Harvest Sun Music Festival holding a beer garden on August 15-17, 2014.

This music festival is a Community Event.


14/148      Scott – Porrok

That we agree to increase our Machinery Operators and Mower Operator wages by $4.00 per hour effective August 8, 2014 and review working conditions.



Rotary Club – 14th Annual TV/Radio Auction

Growing Manitoba – Beaver funding approved $750.00

AMM –news bulletin – copy

Whitemud Watershed – 2013 Audited Financial Statement

Manitoba Hydro – Update on Manitoba Hydro’s Rural Consolidation – copy

Whitemud Watershed – minutes of July 17/14

Neepawa Veterinary Services – 2013 Audited Financial Statement

RMBR – next general meeting September 25/14

The Survey Property Act – notice of replacement of monuments 1-5-15-16

Minister of Municipal Government – approval of $21,250 for RD 102N

PCH Partner – minutes of meeting held July 21/14, decided to proceed to arbitration

NAPD – minutes of July 16/14

Minister of Municipal Government – gas tax payment

Turtle River Watershed – minutes of June 19/14

RM of Glenella – have decided to join the NAPD

NAPD – re: Mary Smith, RM ordered to clean up property

NAPD – re: Norma Brown, RM ordered to clean up property

Manitoba Hydro – construction of new hydro line


– George & Rhonda Friesen – Conditional Use Request

14/149      Kostenchuk – Pegoski

That we do now adjourn this regular meeting at 12:30 pm to meet again for our regular meeting on Friday September 12, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.


________________________                   ________________________

Municipal Administrator                       Reeve


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